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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Your Captcha is Craptcha

Captcha’s were created to stop automated sign-ups, but when actual humans can’t decipher them, we have a problem

Testing out Twitcam Embedding

Here is the archived video of the live Twitcam show I did today

How to Raise Money on Twitter – Tweetathon 101

I love Twitter. Not just because it makes up for my lack of popularity in high school, but for all the incredible people I’ve met since joining it. It has restored my faith in humanity. No other event has proven this more to me than the day I decided to hold a Tweetathon.

Back in March I decided to lend a hand to the cause of child hunger in the United States on behalf of, which was the charity of choice for the 12for12k Challenge, which is: Continue reading

Viral Video Example – Gut grabbing funny Nickelback parody

When I speak about viral videos, one of the three keys is “funny”. Problem is, most videos aren’t. This one just made me cry laughing. We were just talking about Nickelback/Creed on Twitter, this was timely.

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Why Pop-Ups Hurt Your Blog and Relationships

Pop-ups are back! This time they are unstoppable. Seriously. And that’s a bad thing for your blog.

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Don’t Be That Guy On Facebook

If you don’t know “That Guy” on Facebook, it may be you.